About Nesthood

Nesthood AS is a 100% Norwegian owned company (no foreign ownership interests), all our value creation is taxed in Norway according to Norwegian rules. The profit is reinvested in Norway. The owners of Nesthood have almost 100 years of experience from the pest industry combined. We have chosen the name Nesthood because «Nest» means nest and «Hood» means protection. We think this is a name we can use in the future. Nesthood AS Pest Control, Eiendomsservice (property maintenance), IK-Mat (food regulations), Smittevern (Disease control) and Brannvern (fire protection) are a newly established company in Vestfold. We have already built a small and valuable customer portfolio.

Our competitive advantage is the people in Nesthood.
We believe that the workplaces of the future must put the people in the organization even more in focus, and adapt as much as possible for the work to be compatible with a good family life. Our goal is employee happiness, or «employee happiness» which in turn will give satisfied customers.

We do not want to expose our planet to greater stress than is absolutely necessary. We want to protect and preserve an ecosystem with sustainable populations and with a diversity of different species that naturally belong in the ecosystem. All species have their natural role in the ecosystem. Therefore, we do not use too much, not too little, but just the right amount of active preparations. We also try, as best we can, to have the entire operation cloud-based with new technology.

Pests should not be a noticeable problem.
Our guarantee is: «necessary extra visits are free». If you have followed our recommendations and it turns out that the problem is persistent, we work for free until we have solved the challenge. Our goal is for the customer to be satisfied, and for us to achieve good results together.

Response time and round-the-clock duty and free inspection.
Our goal is a fast response time, and that we are always available to our customers. All inspections are free. We are available 24 hours a day by phone, we can also move out on weekends and at night.

Our business DNA
Delivery above the customer’s expectation. The right price for the right quality at the right time consumption.

Corporate social responsibility and social mission.
Pay taxes and fees. Contribute to employment and safe and good jobs. Prevent the spread of infection.

Experience and competence
The owners have almost 100 years of experience in the pest industry combined.

The customer always first
We recognize that our customers are the heart and soul of our business. No customers, no business. We work hard to meet your expectations in everything we do.

Prices and implementation.
Our focus is on the quality and result of the services we perform. This means that we use the right time to solve the tasks and that the price is a bit higher than the competitors’ prices. But mostly we are the cheapest if you compare content, what is delivered at what price.